my sweet 22

Posted by Nurul Izza Binti Abdul Rahim at 2:26 PM

it's 16 October...
and I'm 22 years old this year..
(wahhh... sudah tua maa..hihihi)
By the way, a lot of thank muaaachhh to :

  1. Allah S.W.T ( for a great life..syukran)
  2. my lovely Baby... ;-)
  3. my ever fwenz..for a special cakes..
  4. parents ...who inspire me for a whole life..
  5. anybody...for the best 'birthday greetings'
maaf kalau saya xsempat nak reply semua msg2 anda sama ada di luar atau 
di dalam...(kesibukan masa..-_-)

sweet cake from girlfriends..  

but I'm great happy with all of you..

with birthday partner..credit to siti fatiah (pengarah program kembara ilmiah)

 Thanks agains Dear...luv you..muaaaaahh!!!!!!! here is my pinky-pinky heart for all.. :-)



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